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A Faith Embracing All Creatures: A Review

A Faith Embracing All Creatures: A Review Tripp York and Andy Alexis-Baker, eds., A Faith Embracing All Creatures: Addressing Commonly Asked Questions about Christian Care for Animals (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2012), 212 pages, ISBN 9781610977012. The Christian Animal Rights … Continue reading

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Wildlife Animals and Human Health and Safety

 Wildlife Animals and Human Health and Safety One of the challenges of trying to help Christian Animal Rights (CAR) proponents understand the complex issues surrounding human-wildlife relations is the notion that vegetarianism doesn’t address the role of managing wildlife for … Continue reading

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Deerland by Al Cambronne: A Review

Deerland by Al Cambronne: A Review Cambronne, Al. Deerland: America’s Hunt for Ecological Balance and the Essence of Wildness. Gilford, CT: Lyons Press, 2013. I have never been an avid hunter, let alone a deer hunter. But my work with one … Continue reading

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Are Trappers Sociopaths?

Are Trappers Sociopaths? Animal Rights Protest Industry Activists (ARPIA) have regularly suggested a connection between cruelty to animals and cruelty to humans. Hurt an animal as a child and you have a greater likelihood of harming fellow human beings. Sounds … Continue reading

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Animal Rights Hate Mail

Animal Rights Hate Mail One of the things people forget about me is that I LOVE hate-mail. When I owned Wildlife Damage Control, I used to get a lot from the animal rights protest industry people. They truly had some … Continue reading

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Publications by Stephen M. Vantassel For a more complete list visit http://kingsdivinity.academia.edu/StephenMVantassel/ Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles Vantassel, S. M. and N. Kloosterman, D. 2011. “Compassionate Eating as Distortion of Scripture: Using Religion to Serve Food Morality.” Evangelical Review of Society and Politics … Continue reading

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Why Christians Can’t Support Animal Rights

Why Christians Cannot Support Animal Rights Ever since the publication of Andrew Linzey’s Animal Rights: A Christian Perspective published in 1976, an increasing number of self-identified Christians have adopted vegetarianism as an essential element of their Christian faith. These Christians … Continue reading

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Animal Rights & Bible Twisting Christians who support animal rights twist scripture in a number of ways. This page is dedicated to rebutting each of their arguments. Caveats Christian Animal Rights Activists (hereafter CAR) come in various flavors. Some hold … Continue reading

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