Stephen M. Vantassel

Wow. Don’t theologians make things sound complicated. Let me explain what that term means. It is essentially the study of how the study of God impacts our treatment of creation.

So as an environmental theologian, it should be no surprise that my interests center on the intersection between Christianity and the Environment. To my knowledge, I am the only academically trained Evangelical theologian who is also an expert in wildlife damage management.

The problem with most texts on theology and the environment is the writer is often only an expert in one of the fields. I have a unique perspective because I have actually controlled a wide variety of species and published articles both in theology and in wildlife damage management.

I am a harsh critic of the animal rights movement. I consider the movement to be a significant threat to not only human dignity but also the wider environment.

I welcome your comments.  You can contact me at svantassel@kingsdivinity.org