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Animal Rights Hate Mail

Animal Rights Hate Mail One of the things people forget about me is that I LOVE hate-mail. When I owned Wildlife Damage Control, I used to get a lot from the animal rights protest industry people. They truly had some … Continue reading

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Christian Animal Rights Activists and Research

Christian Animal Rights Activists and Research One of the cardinal rules of academia is performing proper research when looking to write on a topic. In the humanities, it often means reading the work of authors that are opposed to your … Continue reading

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Using a Bible Dictionary

Using a Bible Dictionary Lots of people think that they have to have a degree or years of training in order to do substantive bible study. While professional training certainly can help, you can improve the quality of your Bible … Continue reading

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Video on the Political Map of Israel

Video on the Political Map of Israel Geography can be difficult for people to learn. Learning the geography of the Bible is no different. I help simplify the topic and provide viewers with the fundamentals so that they can read the Bible with more understanding. About … Continue reading

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